Who we are and what we care about

KD and VL, that’s us. We are natural born citizens of the United States, and….somewhat opinionated. We wanted to start a blog about what we are stuck on today. Whether it be issues with the landlord, or politics, we want to get it out. We also are open minded individuals willing to hear other lines of reasoning. Let’s go!

via Who we are and what we care about.


One Response to Who we are and what we care about

  1. zach says:

    I spoke with a lady named Vicky last night and she told me about this site and to leave a post….not sure if I am doing this right but Vicky I am the guy who you took a survey for last night and this is how I feel. Obama is the worse thing to happen to my country he is a liar and a criminal.he is a complete waste of skin.he makes me disgusts me and the fact that my fellow Americans voted for him and many still are makes me fucking sick. !!! I think government needs cleaned up and so does the country we need to send all the idiots out of out country, kill them whatever they just need to leave if we didn’t have so many stupid citizens then we wouldn’t have idiots like obammer running or country.

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